Curling Hair

According to 'standard', girls' hair is worn in curls. The top section of hair is tied up in a ponytail and curled to match the rest. We have tested several ways of preparing hair and have found the following procedure works best:
1.) Prepare your child's hair 24 hours in advance.
2.) Wash your child's hair (avoid using conditioner) and dry it thoroughly - the slightest dampness can cause curls to droop immediately!
3.) Pull the top section of hair into a ponytail.
4.) Separate the hair into small sections and spray with gel.
5.) Wrap section of hair vertically around the roller (there are several types, sponge, rags, spikes) and secure.
6.) When all hair is wrapped (typically an hour or so later), cover curlers with a hair net and let your child sleep on them.
7.) The morning of the feis (or at the feis), remove the rollers gently, winding each ringlet around finger to retain the curl. Do NOT brush the curls.
8.) Spray curls lightly with gel or hair spray & cover with hair net until it's time to dance (remember to pull the net off before your child gets on stage!!).

If you prefer to purchase a wig, the school recommends the 3/4 cap style.